Fleshlight Artificial Vagina - Review

Fleshlight is the world's best-selling male sex toy worldwide. It offers very pleasant penis stimulation and it feels very close to a real vagina. Actually, there's not only vaginas, you can also get butts and mouths. It's a great toy to get some relief whan your partner is not around and also a training tool. You can train your sexual stamina to last longer in bed.

In general, there are three main categories of Fleshlight toys :

1. Vagina Fleshlight

The most popular Fleshlight version. There are tens of beautiful pussies to choose from, starting with pink, Moca or black versions. You can also buy exact copies of famous pornstars' vaginas! According to the makers, 90% of men start out with the original Pink Lady vagina, which was the first Fleshlight toy oficially sold.

2. Butt Fleshlight

If you're more of the backdoor type of guy, choose one of the Fleshlight butts. They offer a tighter stimulation, be ready to cum a lot faster than with vaginas.

3. Mouth Fleshlight

If you prefer blowjobs, you'll like Fleshlight mouths. They look kinda real on the outside and you can choose from different versions, depending on the size and length of your "friend". They'll help you choose the right one with tables, images and buyers' statistics, check it out at Fleshlight-international.eu.

Where to buy Fleshlight with 15% discount?

If you buy it from Fleshlight.com, that's directly from the makers' website, you'll get a 15% discount on your first sale. The delivery is discreet and the packaging is sophisticated. Even if you unpack the toy, it looks just like a flashlight on the outside.

Kinds and flavors of FleshLight

There are many different versions of Fleshlight. As we have said, there are vaginas, butts and mouths. However, you can choose from tens of different types - e.g. the stamina trainer or the prolonged stimulation one.

This article talks about the fleshligh sex toy. Get some info about where to buy fleshlight and know the fleshlight price.