Virtual Sex with Sex Toys and PC Porn Games

Virtual sex is something new that you should definitely try out! If you have a computer and love experimenting in sex, you have all it takes to have fun with virtual sex.

FleshLight Sex Toy

Do you know what's the top-selling sex toy worldwide? It's Fleshlight, the famous artificial vagina. There are also butts and mouths available. There are even copies of real life pornstars' vaginas. Check out for yourself. It's a great toy for your pleasure but also a tool on which you can train your sexual stamina and last longer in bed.

Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses + PC Sex

If you look ten years back ago, when somebody was speaking about virtual reality, they had probably in mind a big helmet that would give you a 3D view of a virtual world. Well, it seems that the time has come! I present you the hyper-über-mega-cool Oculus Rift virtual reality system. Welcome to the future!

Virtual Sex - Other ways to enjoy it

  • Live sex chat: If you prefer being one-on-one with a real girl, try a webcam chat at It's the biggest site offering adult webcam live chats, you can check it out and have a few chats for free. It's very exciting!
  • 3D porn: At several porn sites, you can watch 3D porn using the 3D glasses with red and blue shades.
  • Sexy stories: Those with wild imagination love porn stories, where there's just text in front of you and all the visual stuff is going on in your head. If you want to play your sexual fantasies in your head, I suggest you read a few sexy stories online.

This is a section dedicated to virtual sex. Take a look and see how you can improve your intime moments.