Sex Dolls (Love Dolls): The New Era Of Virtual Sex

Sex dolls (or love dolls) are realistic sex toys that look like real human sexual partners. They are made of a soft water-proof material, either from silicone (higher quality) or from a certain plastic material (lower quality). They exist in both genders, male sex dolls are called malebots or manbots, female sex dolls are called fembots or chick-bots. Shemale toys also exist.

What can a sex doll do?

Owners of sex dolls have a wide variety of options when it comes to how to enjoy sex with the doll. First of all, they can buy the doll some sexy clothes and dress them (to undress them later). Second, they can adjust the doll into a myriad of positions, the whole Kamasutra.

When you think of it, a sex doll is an ideal partner. You can have it wear whatever sexy clothes you like. You can have sex with it whenever you want. No more "headaches". In this regard, love dolls may be better than real women.

What materials are sex dolls made of?

Silicone rubber is considered to be the highest quality material for a variety of sexual toys including vagina sleeves (fleshlights) and sex dolls. However, an alternative to silicone exists: thermoplastic elastomer known as TPE, which is cheaper than high quality expensive silicone.

How to clean a doll after sex?

This depends on what type of vagina your doll has. If it's a detachable vagina, you can clean it in a sink. If it's built-in one, you need to use a special tool.

Where to buy a sex doll?

In the near future, we will bring you a list of reliable sex doll sellers. In the meantime, please use Google or take a look at our sex games articles.