Red Light Center

Red Light Center Review - The #1 Multiplayer Online Sex Game

str Our Rating: 9.9 / 10 (BRILLIANT)   

Red Light Center has everything. Sex, Clubs, Bars, Gambling, Movie theaters, Shops... It's a virtual adult world where you can meet new real friends, have fun and even make real money.

Top features of Red Light Center:
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| Sex, Parties, Fashion, Gambling
| Great 3D graphics
| In-game currency convertable into real money at Marketplace
| Social network where you can find real-life friends
| Making money by working in the virtual world

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What can you do in Red Light Center?

  • Socialize and have sex with over a million members
  • Go to shops, cinemas, cafe's and have fun
  • Make money as an escort girl/guy
  • Gamble in casinos
  • Throw parties and organize events
  • Run your own business - own a night club or a sex toy making factory
  • ... and much more! Find out for yourself.

str How to play: Go to Red Light Center homepage and create an avatar. Meanwhile, we will take a better look at the game in our quick tutorial.

Red Light Center (RLC) is an adult virtual world where one can socialize, make friends, and have sex. One can choose from many different locations and sex positions.

There are two kinds of accounts, Basic or VIP. If you want to get naked and have sex, go for the VIP account, which costs $20 a month and allow for full access to all places and features of Red Light Center.

When you open an account, the first thing to do is create your avatar. There are tons of possibilities how to adjust its looks, including using a texture from your own uploaded photo.

Rays are the in-game currency of Red Light Center. They can be bought and sold for real money. Rays can be earned in the game by working girls or guys (escorts) in some bars and clubs. There is also a ton of opportunities to spend Rays - from clubs and shops to virtual casinos.

The shops in the game are run by real people. Real-world businesses can sell RLC items such as clothes or toys after they paid a $50,000 fee to the RLC company. It's an interesing fact that confirms how complex Red Light Center is. It's a lot more than just an online sex game. It is a whole new world, active since 2005, with a community of tens of thousand of members.