3DXChat Review - A great-looking virtual multiplayer sex game

str Our Rating: 9.9 / 10 (BRILLIANT)   

We love this multiplayer online sex game! It offers the best virtual sex experience when it comes to graphics and animation quality. Thanks to motion capture from real-life porn actors and complex 3D graphics, it's hard to tell 3DXChat from reality. Insanely real, extremely addictive.

Top features of 3DX Chat:
3DXChat review 3DXChat - Try out now!
| Outstanding, ultra-realistic 3D graphics
| True sex animations created through motion capture from porn actors
| Virtual sex with thousand of real partners all over the world

The true virtual sex animations were created using motion-capture from real porn actors. Combined with the wonderful 3D graphics, you get an insanely realistic and immersive virtual sex experience.

It's a multiplayer game where you travel with your avatar (fully customisable) to bars, clubs and beaches where you meet other real players and interact both socially and sexually.

You can create your own locations, create custom objects and share with others. Your private appartment is fully customisable and you have full control over the avatar's looks - every body part (eye,hair,nails color, body shape, penis and breasts size, muscles etc.)

The game had been produced by SexGameDevil developer studio as their masterpiece in early 2013 and frequent updates and extensions are further improving the great user experience.

How to join and play the game?

To join the 3DXChat virtual sex world, simply visit the 3DXChat website. You can download a sample game, Juliet 3D session (47 MB), to see how the SexGameDevil's technology works. To get access to the full 3DXChat virtual reality mutiplayer game, try out a one-month membership for $19.95. Secure credit card payments are made through Zombaio. For discrecy, only "ZOMBAIO.com" will be displayed on your credit card statement.

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3DXChat review

3DXChat review

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